London, United Kingdom

London’s weather is cloudy, breezy and sometimes with light rain, in other words, not the best weather for outdoor nor pictures. However, we were lucky to have it all sunny with low clouds when we were in the heart of London city on Day 15 of our road trip. After staying the in Europe for a couple of years, finally we marked our presence in London.

We went to most of the POIs (places of interest) in London i.e. museums, Big Ben, Wesminster Abbey, Borough Market and also Thames River Cruise to Greenwhich. Hope you enjoy the sunny side of London through our pictures here.

Ohya, do you know that there is a new direct train between Amsterdam and London starting this month (early April 2018)? Google it πŸ™‚

Standing at the London Bridge with Tower Bridge as backdrop
Seeing Tower Bridge on the Thames River cruise
Hey London Eye! I wonder how many couples had their wedding proposals up there πŸ™‚
I always find London hackney carriage (Londond Taxi) fascinating. Mixed feelings of vintage and exclusive.


Big Ben (Clock Tower/ Great Bell) and London Double-decker
A better view of Big Ben
Business District of London
It can’t be more London than this. Red double-decker and London Eye
Buckingham Palace from the park
A glimpse of Buckingham Palace and Queen’s Guard
Hyde Park
Kensington Gardens



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