Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a city.

Yes, it is.

After spending a week at the country side, we returned to the city with lights, people, vehicles, restaurants, high speed internet connection and much lesser animals.

Whenever I heard of Glasgow, I will think of Edinburgh and I know they are different.

This stone was laid by Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay in 1988 at the New Cathedral during Glasgow Garden Festival. Princess Diana could be with him at the ceremony.
Side of St Mungo Religious and Arts Museum. To our surprise, it is quite an interesting POI.
Statue of David Livingstone with Royal Infirmary as backdrop
James Arthur Statue at the Cathedral Square Glasgow
Glasgow Cathedral
Inside of Glasgow Cathedral
Buchanan High Street
Performers at Buchanan Street Glasgow

Both cities are pretty with many historical sites, museums, castle, cathedrals. If you ask me which one do I prefer, I will say maybe Edinburgh.

Enjoy our Day 8 road trip pictures. With Glasgow, we have clocked in another 90km making it up to 960/1600 km.




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