Stirling Castle, Stirling Scotland

Day 7 of our road trip, cloudy

P.M: Stirling Castle

We put up a night at Arrochar, Loch Long after Glencoe before moving south the next day to Stirling, Scotland. Loch Long itself was much calmer in terms of wind and tide at the loch which made more of my preference. Without much notice, we have spent half of the total kilometers in Day 7. Almost in all happy occasions, times flies  extraordinarily fast, do you agree?

Approaching Stirling Castle… and  can you see the castle sitting high on the Castle Hill?
a glimpse of the Queen Anne Garden near the main entrance
observatory/ guarding near Castle Exhibition
Outer Close of Stirling Castle
Located at Castle Hill top, surrounded by three sides of steep slides providing a good defensive position
View of Stirling Castle overlooking the The King’s Knot on the grounds of King’s Park. “Roam the royal pleasure ground below Stirling Castle, where monarchs once pursued their leisure interests”


magnificent glass window in the Great Hall


We did not manage to visit the Tapestry due to time but we had a great time in all other stops in the castle.

“Royal stronghold, palace of pleasures or regimental garrison, what does Stirling Castle mean to you?” – Stirling Castle.

Signing off,


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