Eilean Donan Castle overlooking Isle of Skye at Western Highlands of Scotland

Day 5 of our road trip, cloudy.

P.M: Eilean Donan Castle is located on an island where it is also the meeting point of three great sea lochs, overlooking the Isle of Skye at western of Highlands, Scotland.

It is about 90kms away from Urquhart Castle which I have just visited in the morning, which also means this is the 410km/1600+km of our road trip. The view to the castle was impressively beautiful with deep mountain glens and calming mountain roads. The caveat of the review is always comes with clear weather.

on the way to Eilean Donan Castle

This castle gives me the impression of private. It is now owned by a family and you can always book this venue for private events among others weddings. We got a chance to witness one at 18:00 after the closing of the castle.  I guess it would be every girl’s dream to walk down the beautiful aisle (castle’s bridge) towards the castle and have a romantic closed wedding in it with loved ones. That bride is a lucky one.


castle and its bridge
glimpse of the bride from far


iconic Eilean Donan Castle from far

No photographs are allowed inside the castle and we didn’t spend much time inside due to closing time. It is smaller than the Urquhart Castle, more private and gives you a a feeling home, could be because the family has many pictures around the museum.



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