Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness Scotland

Day 5 of our road trip, cloudy.

A.M: Urquhart Castle, the third most visited castle after Edinburgh and Stirling Castle located at the shore of Loch Ness at Highlands, Scotland, about 20km away from Inverness Scotland. Once a prominent castle in 13th century for the Scottish and till the beginning of the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th century. It now leaves us some traces of the medieval times and our imagination of the past.

The wind on our visit day was quite strong, so prepare yourself with proper jacket and walking shoes for the outdoor visit. The most enjoyable part of the visit is the little surprise at the indoor theater. Do check out the screening time of the historical video at the indoor theater of the museum. There is a pleasant surprise towards the end of the video. Recommended experience.

And with this place, we have clocked in another 80km of our road trip at the scottish wilderness.

Scottish flag flying high
View of the Grant Tower
Loch Ness
View from the Grant Tower
House Hold Positioning



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