Aviemore, Scotland

Day 2 of our road trip, sunny with intermittent clouds
First 200km of 1600+km

Lochs (lakes), Castles, Highlands and wilderness of Scotland awaiting us after our two-day-stay in Edinburgh. Heading north to the wilderness land of Scotland, our first stop after picking up our cars from the capital was Pitlochry at 18:00 to fill our stomachs before reaching Aviemore, Scotland that evening.

Aviemore is a small town located in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. If you’re looking for a holiday away from the city and in the wilderness land, this place comes close to that and to the extent you don’t even get 3G mobile internet data; GPRS or E max.

Restaurants? Limited! Mind to make reservations.
One Tesco is available in town, Coop is slightly further up from town.
We stocked up water, breakfast and lunch for the next few days in Aviemore from Tesco.
When the weather is good, the scenery will be the next best thing you could see in this place.

If you have the car with you, I highly recommend you to stay at Silver Glades Holiday Homes, Aviemore. Its facilities i.e. cooking utensils, parking space, BBQ place for the summer, bedrooms and bathrooms, tv and etc. are all super clean. The highlight of our stay was that our holiday home has actually a sauna room attached! After a long day of trekking/hiking at the highlands. Sauna was such a bracing experience to us when we got our deep sweating inside that small wooden room beside our bathroom.


Will write on the things we have experienced in this beautiful wilderness land in the next post.



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