Dutch Folks Dance and Costumes

We usually do our groceries at the shopping area near our home and last Saturday the community center has organised a Summer Festival at that shopping area.

Over 40 small stalls selling local products i.e wooden clogs, long horns, cheeses, fruit jams and more. Something unusual to see when we compare it to what we usually have during our groceries shopping.

Very busy place with people, stalls, and to my surprise Dutch Folks Music and Dance.

I always wanted to see Dutch Folks Dance, but never wanted to go to tourist spots for it. So lucky to have found one during this Summer Festival without doing any travelling, just in the neighbourhood. I will share some photos in a few more lines. Before that, do you know that the Dutch traditional costumes vary accordance to the region locations? Different regions have their own version of the Dutch traditional costumes. They may look similar in the first glance, but if you look closely, the decorative patterns, colours and some designs are indeed different.

Here are the photos that I managed to capture last Saturday, full traditional costumes of my region with wooden clogs, music and dance. What I like the most is that all the dancers are senior citizens, my guess will be in their 80s-90s.

They are very representative of culture and also the era where these costumes were still common.

So merry and I am happy! Woohoo!

Have a great week!



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