Volendam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is iconic and needing no explanation,

Rotterdam is famous for its port,

Zaandam is famous for its windmills in Zaanse Schans,

Edam is of course famous for its cheeses,

and Volendam, an enticing traditional Dutch fishing village.

Small fishing village that is accustomed to current tourists’ demand while preserving its rich cultural sense.

Saturday Open Market


Icon of Volendam as a fishing village
Summer swim by the coastline
Traditional Dutch houses: Street of shops facing the sea
Gearing up for summer yachting
This weather is just beautiful

Wearing traditional dutch costume is still part of the routine for the villagers here. If you’re lucky, you will get to see one during your sight seeing.

Photo in Costumes?

I always wonder why traditional Dutch houses are green in colour. I managed to find something close to serve my curiosity. Back then, the wealthiness of a families is closely related to the degree of darkness of green. Wealthier you are, greener the houses.

That’s all for the moment, signing off.


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