Spring in The Netherlands 🌸🇳🇱

After months of cold, the weather has finally gotten better across the country where temperature has risen up to average 12’C for the last two weeks. It is beginning of April and the warmer weather is also telling us that spring is indeed has arrived. Seeing blooming and hearing chirping is such a serene joy.

Very excited myself, because I would like to spend my spring slightly different this year. This write up is slightly different from the past because I would like to share what I plan to experience in this spring instead of what I’ve experienced.

Besides Keukenhof Garden, where else to go during springtime in The Netherlands?

These are my Top 5 things that I would love to do during this Spring from mid-April till late May in The Netherlands:

1. Chasing after the tulips
Explore over 30km of cycling route with flower stripes as background via “Flower Bulbs Route” or Bloemenroute/Bollenstreek in Dutch in the province of Noord Brabant, the prime tulips soil of the country. More information in the next post.

Noordwijkerhout- Hillegom – Lisse – Sassenheim – Voorhout – Noordwijkerhout

2. Annual Flower Parade
On the third or last Saturday in April, a parade of about 20 floats and more than 30 vehicles that are completely decorated with flowers extravagantly, showing off their charm over a 40 km route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. This year, the flower parade is taking place on the 22 April 2017 (Saturday) and will depart from Wilhelminaboulevard in Noordwijk at 09:30 and makes its way to Haarlem via Keukenhof. At around 21.30 the illuminated parade will arrive at the centre of Haarlem. On 23 April (Sunday) all the parade floats will be on display at the Gedempte Oude Gracht/Nassaulaan. More information is available at Bloemencorso Bollenstreek site.

3. Hanami experience in The Netherlands
Hanami is a Japanese word carries the meaning of “flower viewing” or precisely cherry blossoms viewing during springtime. Japan has donated 400 cherry blossom trees to the Netherlands more than ten years ago. The park is located at Amstelveen, under the name Kersenbloesempark in Dutch. Getting a hanami experience in Holland during one of the weekends is convenient. It‘s perfect to have a stroll or picnic at the park under the blossoming cherry trees. Annual “Cherry Blossoms Festival” will take place on 8 April 2017 this year. There will be events, food and music at the park on that day. A word of reminder, this park may get extra busy and only 1800 visitors are allowed at the same time during this festival.

Photo: Amsteelveenz.nl

4. Flower Auction in Aalsmeer
Aalsmeer is a town located about 15km from Schiphol Airport or about 30km away from Amsterdam Central Station. It opens only during the weekdays from 07:30 till 11:00, except Thursday till 09:00. Exporters, wholesalers and shopkeepers are patrons however visitors are welcome to this flower market to experience the real horticulture auction floor as well. Bidders are seated in different halls that look like auditorium with large screen and computers (virtual or image auctioning) then they can bid for their purchases via virtual “clocks”. Clock starts at 12’o clock representing the highest price then ticking downwards and eventually stops when bidders set their respective ideal bid prices for the flower lots. Very much advanced and organised. Guided tour is available and more information about this place is available at Royal Floral Holland Site.

Flower Auctioning at Flower Auction Market in Aalsmeer

5. Annemieke’s Picking Garden
Often you may get close up to the flowers but when you’re fancy about picking your own tulips during spring time, you can do that at Annemieke’s Picking Garden. It opens not only during spring time but also in the summer months from July to October for summer picks. More information is available a their website.

If you’re dropping by The Netherlands in the coming weeks for flowers, I hope this is enlightening to you.

Tulips for as far as your eyes can eyes in Flower bulb Region



2 thoughts on “Spring in The Netherlands 🌸🇳🇱

  1. Awesome! It’s a perfect reference.
    I’m planning a trip to Netherlands this year, but unfortunately it will only happen in June. I will definitely plan a trip to NL in spring in future… I guess the air smell differently during spring time 🙂


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