Montserrat, Spain 🚠 🇪🇸

Montserrat is rocky-mountain town located about an hour train ride from Plaça Espanya, Barcelona (main station). This makes Montserrat a perfect day-trip away from the city.

Getting to Montserrat
Transportation is convenient but Plaça Espanya train station itself is huge so our advice is to give yourself at least 25mins in getting to R5 (heading to Manresa) and also queuing for the train tickets. Ticketing machines are located right in front of the track R5. Frequency of the train is every hour and price is approximately €20,20 per person whereby this price includes return tickets of train and cable car up/down the mountain.

Normally they do offer two options of getting to the top of the mountain i.e. cable car or normal funicular. You have to decide your option before ticket purchasing and not able to switch thereafter. On our travel day, we were only allowed to choose cable car and this caused the waiting time for cable car about two hours. So, be prepared with light snacks and water.

Looking at the yellow cable car riding up from foot of the mountain

After queuing almost two hours finally we arrived to the top of the mountain. There are many hiking tracks and also accommodation for hikers or travellers.

Small town at top of the mountain
Spectacular view once we stepped out of the cable car station
Local products, cheese, soaps, desserts, nuts

Knowing that getting back to the foot of mountain required some queuing time, we only managed to spend 2hours walking around the town soaking up to the local environment at this high landscape. Enjoying the clear weather and spectacular view with some light snacks we packed from Barcelona town. Excursion turned out great and feeling thankful for the weather. Overall we are very pleased with our city break except for the queuing time. The rest of the facilities are well equipped in terms of languages, directions, conveniency and etc.


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