Best local lunch in Lisbon

Eating like a local at the standing bar

Our first meal in Lisbon was at Casa Da Bifanas, a local cafe located just few steps away from our lodging place at Plaça Figueira, Lisbon. At 14:00, this cafe was still packed with people, waiting line for seatings and busy enough to have our attention. We stopped by to check out the real hype of this cafe and decided to give it a try.

While looking through the menu on top of the counter, we found that there was an option of having a quick lunch at the standing bar. Very quickly we found a spot and Yes, we had our lunch at the standing bar. Employees were not speaking English but friendly enough to get our orders right. We were laughing at each other when one was trying to understand the menu and get the right food order while the other was trying to get the food order right.

Pictures of our food will be following next, but at the meantime, this cafe or similar Bifana cafes around Lisbon operate not only during lunch time but also during brunch and dinner time. They do have a wide range of menu from simple sandwiches, warm soups to warm meals with seafood, meat and fries at anytime of the operating hours. That’s why some opted for a seat during lunch time while us just had it at the standing bar.

We ordered two (2) Bifana which is the Portuguese Pork Sandwich and also a  (1) bowl of fish soup for only €6,00 in total bill. Pork is usually cooked at the window corner of the cafe (and also similar for most of other Bifana cafes) where probably not very appetizing (not a pork lover myself) at the first glance. But the taste is good. The employee also recommended us to put some mustard sauce and hot chilli oil (local piri-piri sauce) into the Bifana. I would say quite a good combination.

Slow stew of pork for Bifana at the cafe window
Fish soup
And this is how a Bifana looks like

It wasn’t something that we planned for but indeed something pleasant to start with in Lisbon. Not many obvious tourists spotted during our eating time and we enjoyed this authentic lunch experience so much. Ordering local food and eating like a local, best lunch in Lisbon, yummy-licious!



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