Getting around in Sintra

Sintra is a town on a high landscape located about an hour of train ride from Rossio Train Station, Lisbon. We spent a day at this magical town filled with fairy tale alike points of interest. Moors Castle (1400+ ft) and Pena Palace (1500+ ft) were our selection. Reason of selection is purely for its magnificent view respectively.

How did we arrive?
Before the trip, I’ve looked through the internet on a day-trip outside of Lisbon and found this gem. I was already excited by looking at the pictures online and really looking forward for the excursion.

I have described briefly how was our journey from Rossio Lisbon – Sintra town itself in my post Public Transport in Lisbon. Getting the train tickets was quite a bummer I would say, without knowing that the Viva Viagem doesn’t allow re-load if the previous credit is still active and the queue was super long. So, try to ask if it is possible to purchase tickets in advance at the ticketing machines, maybe during the evening before or so. In terms of price it is pretty good deal, €4.50 per person return.

Rossio Train Station
Lining up for the train tickets from Rossio-Sintra at Rossio Train Station

Sintra train station is small equipped with automated gate. At the station, we got ourselves Sintra map (free) and the entrance tickets for Moors Castle and Pena Palace (combi tickets at about €17.50 per person) at the Tourist Info Counter.

Getting to Moors Castle and Pena Palace
There is this public tourist Bus 434 with its bus-stop located on the right side of the Sintra Train Station as you exit. Remember to turn right and walk further down, you will find a long queue to it. We spent almost 1.5hours queuing for it. My advice is to consider taking tuk-tuk or the yellow open-roofed cab. Excellent service! Please don’t walk!
Public bus 434 €5.00pp return but tuk-tuk/cab would be about €5.00 pp one-way (save time and hassle). All other buses for instance to Cascais are on the left of the train station.


Points of Interest in Sintra


Bus ride takes about 20-30mins to Moors Castle, steep and narrow mountain road, and take the same bus from Moors Castle to Pena Palace. Although these two places are near to each other, don’t walk. Pena Palace is about 1500ft.

Getting back to Sintra Town from Pena Palace
We took an open-roofed yellow car (cab) with a handsome and friendly local driver. He explained about the town itself during the 15-20mins ride and drove us back to the city center Sintra Train Station via an alternative road which was less steep and narrow as compared to bus route in a steady speed and even stopped for a while to show us the best view of the town. Best experience we had on that day. No queueing and informative.100% satisfaction. Like I said, price is €5.00 one-way per person.

Sintra to Rossio
If you missed the direct train from Sintra-Rossio (every 30mins), you may take the train from Sintra – Lisbon (Oriente). We missed the direct one and took the one to Lisbon Oriente and had an interchange in between in order for us to arrive Rossio Lisbon. We were experimenting and thankfully the automated gate allowed us to take this alternative line. So we arrived Rossio 30 mins earlier.

I really hope this post again is useful for other potential Sintra visitors. Have fun!



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