Magical Sintra, Portugal 🇵🇹

A short vacation to Portugal has opened up so much space for me to learn about this country, which was once a colonial of my country-of-origin for over 100 years. Portugal has never stopped to impress me with its exclusively rich cultural and historical facts that I tend to look for more knowledge about it. Discovering Moors or Islamic Arabians were once so influential in Iberian Peninsular both in Spain and Portugal before everything else and also the legend of the Lucky & Happiness Rooster of Barcelos.

While exploring Moors Castle under the blue sky, I sensed a small degree of similarity. I was asking myself did I see another Great Wall? Of course the distance of this is incomparable, but glad to see such view on top of this mountain.

Moors Castle and its wall

On the other hand, Pena Palace is unique in terms of  architecture and details, which was once a summer palace for the royal family. Before functioning as a palace, it was small monastery with a quiet surroundings.

Colourful Pena Palace


When we finally made it to the viewing points around the palace, the view was so beautiful. Under such a nice winter weather, it worths all the waiting and queuing.

Thank you Sintra.


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