Christmas in Casa Batlló Barcelona 🇪🇸


This fairy tale alike house on the right is known as Casa Battló is located at Passeig de Gràcia of Barcelona designed by a Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí  while on the right is Casa Amatller by Puig i Cadafalch. Amazed with Gaudí’s modernism view in architecture, artistic, functional and close to nature.

DSCN8065.jpg                                                              Colourful Trencadís ceramic tiles

DSCN8089.jpgIt’s snowing inside during this festive seasons

DSCN8058.jpgThis house features less straight line, asymmetry and remain functional; maximising the amount of sunlight shining into the house

DSCN8051.jpgErgonomic handrail (comfort) and the details on the wall (nature -fish scales)

DSCN8114.jpgNatural ventilation system in the house in the shape of the strong bones of a dragon

DSCN8123.jpgExterior night view

Every part of the house has its own logic and story to tell for the example the rooftop’s dragon view  looks different at different time of the day and during different seasons.

Travel Tips: Buy tickets in advance, be punctual and get the audio guide as well 🙂


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