Korean House Warming

500_F_117894519_zXP2D3KJmIdgddSs9tAeEKnFdvwLLK4A.jpg                                                                  Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

I was invited to a Korean housewarming last few weeks and the first thing that came across my mind right after the invitation was “What should I bring as housewarming gift?” After having some common ideas like wine, flowers and etc., I went to look it up in the Internet with the search key “Korean Housewarming Gifts” and believe it or not, the recommendations were:

 Toilet rolls and detergents

 I do not have many Korean friends to double check on that. So, I went on to look it up at other websites and apparently this is true. After that, I was still curious and wanted to learn more about it and I have actually asked my Korean friend at the end of the party and informed that it is a tradition to receive such gifts.With his comments, I felt much more confident with what I’ve read on the Internet before the party.

Some people say toilet rolls symbolises longevity while bubbles from the detergent symbolise wealth.

If you’re curious about my gift: I wasn’t that adventurous by bringing him toilet rolls because deep inside me still learning to accept this new piece of information and at the end, we bought him a nice photo frame for his new home and an organic shower-ball for him to make some shower bubbles, at least 😀

So, if you’re reading this because of some sort of similar invitation, I would say these gifts are really appreciated. We were served with some traditional Korean food i.e. their Korean-style spicy chicken wing, Korean fried rice and etc. All of us had a great catch-up and I really like it.

I always find myself having more chances learning cultures other than my own when I am abroad, what about you?


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